arquitetura da pobreza/arquitetura do sublime [pt 2]

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O texto parte para a defesa de uma ideia de “sublime” na arquitetura. No final, acho que os trechos anteriores eram mais ricos: a conclusão parece ter ficado mais datada. Vale como contraponto a esta ler a opinião de Mike Davis sobre Koolhaas (exagerada, evidentemente, mas necessária). Todos os grifos são meus.

What I am attempting to develop is an architecture of the sublime. The sublime is that which must be thought of in a relation to something eternal, an absolute quantity that cannot be expressed in time and space. […] Shadows, loneliness, silence and the approach of death can be ‘terrible’ because they announce as it were that the other, language or life is soon over (Lyotard). A similar perception is never obtained from a design drawing. Every drawing is an attempt at an effect. But we cannot rule out that when such a building is actually built, this threat will be present.

[…] His work [trata aqui de Koolhaas, em oposição aos experimentos arquitetônicos não consumados dos construtivistas russos e avaliados apenas no papel e como ideias] was earlier connected with the modernist machine aesthetic in which the formal is defined anew. The machine aesthetic means for the descontructivists that the argument about free form is over – the design process becomes an automatic linar process involving cells and links. [precipitado?]

I believe that the machine of the modernist concept has always broken down. In truth it is about identifying the hitches and disturbances which are intrinsic to such complete orders. It doesn’t bring us to a ‘free form’, but id adds to the experiences which are evoked by this defective machinery, and to the experience of time and space of the users. The users are not the social guarantee for architecture that it can leave the stuffed and quilted boudoir.

fonte: GRAAFLAND, Arie. “The architecture of unease” in The Architecture Annual – 1994-1995. Delft: TUDelft, 1995

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