outra pausa: william morris, 1880

News from Nowhere, outro texto de Morris
News from Nowhere, outro texto de Morris

Trecho interessante de uma conferência realizada por William Morris em 1880 sobre a arquitetura (grifo meu):

A great subject truly, for it embraces the consideration of the whole external surroundings of the life of man; we cannot escape from it if we would so long as we are part of civilisation, for it means the moulding and altering to human needs of the very face of the earth itself, except in the outermost desert.

Neither can we hand over our interests in it to a little band of learned men, and bid them seek and discover, and fashion, that we may at last stand by and wonder at the work, and learn a little of how ‘twas all done: ‘tis we ourselves, each one of us, who must keep watch and ward over the fairness of the earth, and each with his own soul and hand do his due share therein, lest we deliver to our sons a lesser treasure than our fathers left to us.

Wiliam Morris, “The Prospects of Architecture in Civilisation“, 1880

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