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Surfar no espetáculo (Hal Foster comenta o livro Life Style, de Bruce Mau):

[…] In a wry move, Koolhaas now copyrights his catchy phrases, as if to acknowledge this commercial curdling of his critical concepts on the page. Yet for all the Situationist lingo of contemporary designers like [Bruce] Mau, they don’t “détourn” much; more than critics of spectacle, they are its surfers (which indeed is a favorite figure in their discourse), whith “the status of the artist [and] the paycheck of the businessman”. “So where does my work fit in?”, Mau asks. “What is my relationship with this happy, smiling monster? Where is the freedom in his regime? Do I follow Thimothy Leary and ‘tune in, turn on, drop out?’ What actions can I commit that cannot be absorbed? Can I outperform the system? Can I win?” Is he kidding?

[…] Design is all about desire, but strangely this desire seems almost subject-less today, or at least lack-ness; that is, design seems do advance a new kind of narcissism, one that is all image and no iteriority — an aphoteosis of the subject that is also its potential disappearance. Poor little rich man: he is “precluded from all future living and striving, developing and desiring” in the neo-Art Nouveau world of total design and Internet plenitude.

FOSTER, Hal. “Design and crime” in Design and Crime (and other diatribes). Londres: Verso, 2002. pp 24–25.

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